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Mislet Box May - Egypt

Mislet Box going to Egypt!

After the success of our previous Venice Box
For May Edition, we decided to feature Ancient Egypt!
To Join us is easy, Just purchase any Mislet Boxes that you like,
and the shipment date is  17 May 2017.

Come and Join our adventure!

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Mislet Box March Edition


After our successful Japan Box (Mislet Box February Edition)

and we thank all our subscribers for joining us in this Journey!

This March we are going to Romania !

Mislet & Dandellie collaboration with the work of art by

Lorena Balea-Raitz from Ink & Lace to create Crochet Pattern for our Mislet Box Grande.

She is well-known for her Couture Jewellery done with Point Lace. A little introduction of her bio.

Lorena Balea-Raitz is an illustrator and designer living in Brisbane Australia. She celebrates beauty through bold, beautiful, bespoke designs for stylish women who make a statement. 

Her work is found under the name of Ink & Lace, and focuses on teaching the ancient art of Romanian Point Lace, fashion illustration, beauty, cosmetic, fashion product, accessory art and fashion related branding.

For more you can click this link :


We are so proud to collaborate with her for our March Edition of Mislet Grande Box. Can't say enough to have her with our journey.

The Crochet-Only Pattern is exclusively made by Lorena Balea-Raitz, and is available only in our March Box (for shipment 17 March 2017).

Will post more... stay tune 

; )



Mislet &






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Featuring Australian Crochet Community

Looking for an awesome Crochet group?

 Join Australian Crochet Community now!

to get everything and anything about crochet !

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NEW! Mislet Box

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