How to use Afterpay

Pay your order in 4 instalments fortnightly,

1st instalment will be taken on the day of your purchase (when you checkout). and Your order will be shipped normally. you don't have to wait until you finish the instalments.

To be able to see the option of AFTERPAY, here is the step by step in our website :

1. Fill out your detail or if you have logged in, your detail will be filled automatically.

Then Do not click Paypal option, instead click on :


2. Then Choose your Postage option 

3. On the Payment page, the Afterpay option will be shown.




Refund will be processed through Afterpay if you are using this as your payment gateway. 

(you have to click on the Afterpay option

Then you will be directed to the Afterpay payment gateway.

for more information :


Any more Question, Please feel free to send us an email.



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